Miriam Berkowitz

Miriam Berkowitz

Data Analytics Developer

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I am a software developer with a passion for data and analysis. After working as a software engineer for 15 years, I spent several years as a lay leader in the non-profit world. I've been updating my programming and data analysis skills in a six-month Data Analytics and Visualization Bootcamp at George Washington University and recently graduated.

I'm thoroughly enjoying getting back to my roots -- coding with a focus on data, databases, and analysis. Each new discovery is exhilarating. Now I’d like to leverage my technical and leadership skills to develop data analytics applications and visualizations to guide business operations and decision-making. Ultimately I'd like to attain a leadership role in the data analytics industry.

I also enjoy genealogy, reading, and collecting art.

Latest Projects

City Slip

City Slip

This project analyzes a city (based on a zip code) to provide a subjective score and dashboard with interactive graphs for a user to determine whether to move to the city. I worked in a team of 3 on this project. We used Python, SQL, Flask, and various APIs to collect and analyze data. We then used JavaScript, HTML/CSS, D3, Plotly, and Leaflet to create a dashboard and graph the data.

weather analysis dashboard

Weather Analysis Dashboard

This project used Python, Pandas, OpenWeather API, JSON, matplotlib, HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap to analyze how weather varies based on proximity to the equator.

Mission to Mars

Mission to Mars

This project used Python, BeautifulSoup, MongoDB, HTML, CSS and Flask. I scraped various websites to retrieve images of Mars and data about Mars, and created a new website to display the images and data.


Pymaceutical - Hypothetical Drug Trial

This project analyzed a hypothetical drug trial using Python, Pandas, matplotlib and Seaborn.


Alien Sightings

This project used JavaScript and DOM Manipulation to display alien sightings from a very large dataset. Users can search the data using various filtering criteria and page through the results.